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#PRU13 : PM Yakin BN Menang 2/3 Majoriti #BNBagus #TolakPR

Kenyataan Perdana Menteri bahawa beliau yakin Barisan Nasional akan menang 2/3 majoriti semasa PRU13 nanti sekaligus akan mengembalikan keyakinan rakyat bahawa negara akan terus aman dengan pemerintahan Barisan Nasional. Di samping itu juga rakyat akan terus menikmati kemakmuran ekonomi dan pembangunan berterusan jika Barisan Nasional masih lagi memegang jawatan sebagai 'KERAJAAN'.

Apa yang penting ialah rakyat perlu memberi mandat kepada Barisan Nasional untuk mentadbir Malaysia semasa PRU13 ini. Hal ini perlu dipratikkan oleh semua orang kerana komitmen Barisan Nasional yang bertungkus-lumus untuk memajukan Malaysia seperti mana konsep 1 Malaysia yang diperjuangkan, 'RAKYAT DIDAHULUKAN, PENCAPAIAN DIUTAMAKAN', sedangkan ketika ini pembangkang masih lagi bertelagah untuk mencari siapa akan menjadi peneraju utama mereka. 

Patutkah mereka menggelar diri mereka sebagai 'PAKATAN RAKYAT' sedangkan mereka sama sekali tidak bersepakatan. Ketiga-tiga parti dalam Pakatan Rakyat masing-masing mempunyai agenda tersendiri. Mereka tidak bersehaluan dan sejalan seperti yang dilakukan oleh Barisan Nasional. Walaupun terdapat banyak parti di dalam Barisan Nasional, mereka semua bersatu dan bernaung di bawah satu bendera. 

Sehingga sekarang kita masih tidak nampak 'kabinet bayangan' yang ditunjukkan oleh Pakatan Rakyat. Bagaimana hendak mentadbir negara kalau pemilihan Perdana Menteri pun masih bergaduh sama sendiri? Ini sahaja sudah jelas menunjukkan mereka tidak layak menjadi pemerintah.


- Kita lihat sahaja di 4 buah negeri yang di pegang oleh pembangkang. Hanya pandai menjanjikan bulan dan bintang, tetapi tidak menunaikannya seperti yang dijanjikan.
- Defisit negeri pemerintahan pembangkang meningkat.

Manifesto Pembangkang adalah suatu taktik kotor yang mereka gunakan untuk menarik pengundi sebelum pilihanraya. Tetapi selepas pihanraya, manifesto tidak diendahkan lagi ibarat melepaskan batuk di tangga.  Pakatan Rakyat tidak menawarkan yang terbaik untuk rakyat Malaysia. Hanya janji populis and retorik.

Undilah Barisan Nasional untuk masa depan generasi muda yang cemerlang. 

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Financial Times and Reuters have got good news for Malaysians that the Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib has finally stated his confidence in Barisan Nasional winning 2/3 majority in the upcoming election.  His confidence means a lot to the business people, especially, as many of the group are worried over the credibility and ability of the Oppositions in handling the economy.
The fact that Anwar Ibrahim had also stated that this could be his best chance of victory ever, is taken as a mere political statement from a man who has a been shooting his own foot again and again during these critical hours.
Pushing his sex-scandals aside, Malaysians are keeping their eyes on Anwar for his name keeps popping up in the investigation over the bloody Lahad Datu terrorist invasion.  Until todate, Anwar fails to explain the reason behind his meetings with MNLF leaders and what were ‘his men’ doing in Phillipines just days before the invasion?
It couldn’t be a co-incident that he must brought up the issue of Malaysia losing Sabah or all the fuss about the identity cards being issued not according to procedures to the immigrants in the state, prior to the bloody incident.
But the greatest mistake Anwar made in handling this issue, is that he tried to shut the medias from digging out the truth from him by threatening to sue them if they ever asked about why he didn’t sue Reuters or the Philippines media who first reported the stories about him being the one behind the whole incident.
He could have gained a lot just by suing those medias but he didn’t, which most certainly because there are concrete basis to it.
No one in the right mind would vote for a man who didn’t care less about the lives of the people.  No one in the right mind would vote for a man who had actually made a deal to give away a state to the terrorists so that he could become the Prime Minister.
What sort of country would it be, if the Prime Minister himself, is the traitor?
Just like all his other problems, nobody did anything to Anwar, but himself.  This is a common problem of a man so desperate, so eager, so anxiously excited for power.
He could have fought a decent fight, work very hard to show his party’s credibility and served the people in his constituency well, and may one day win the hearts of Malaysians that they might forget his dirty filthy stinking stories.  But he chooses to fight dirty, go through backdoors and create unrest.  ‘Arab Spring’ is his dream, so how could we not see his connection with Lahad Datu bloodshed?
While Anwar is always on the ‘attack’ mode over the government and everything that spells BN, it is very much the opposite with Dato’ Seri Najib.
In contrary to Anwar, The Prime Minister would rather talk about his achievement than ‘attack’ his political enemies.
In the interview with Financial Times, for example, Dato’ Seri Najib was obviously engrossed with his work as the Prime Minister and as the party leader.  He explained, very matter-of-factly about how a strong government is necessary to accelerate the process of transformation in the country.  He also pointed out how he has reformed UMNO and deliberately changed internal rules to make a potential leadership challenge easier.
He doesn’t need to brag either, as the numbers speak for themselves.  Malaysia is now being aided by an economic programme that the government launched in 2010 to double per capita income to $15,000 by 2020.   This has led to external confidence whereby foreign holdings of Malaysian government bonds jump by 550 per cent to RM215 billion (USD69billion) since 2009, according to HSBC.
The only thing that the Prime Minister has to say about the Oppositions is that he thinks it is too risky to put faith in a coalition that does not have a clear sense of direction and with a manifesto that is not credible.
Needless to look at the numbers, the personalities of the two figures should be sufficient enough to help Malaysians make a choice.  One is very unpatriotic, insensitive, a traitor and forever anxious for power and the other one is very calm, rationale, elegant and brilliant.
There is no doubt that two third majority wouldn’t be a problem for Barisan Nasional.


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